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Introduction to the catering team/service


The catering staff at Rayner Stephens take great pride in the food they produce. Food is cooked on the premises and ingredients are sourced from local suppliers.

Currently we work on a three week menu rota.  

We offer a wide range of hot and cold foods and start the day with Breakfast from 7.45am. At 11am students and staff can purchase food and drinks from a great selection of balanced and nutritious foods, drinks and bottled water. The school operates a split lunch system with Years 7 and 10 students having lunch at 12.15 pm followed by Years 8, 9 and 11 students at 1.15 pm.

Students are expected to have their meals in school as they can select from a wide ranging menu at competitive prices. A cashless cafeteria system is in operation and each student is registered through the biometric system.  Families can pay in advance weekly, monthly or termly by Plus Pay or if essential, cheque or cash. The biometric system is exactly the same for students on free school meals and accounts can be topped up in the same way if required using Plus Payor if essential cheque or cash. Students may bring packed lunches to be eaten in the dining hall.  


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Plus Pay



We are pleased to announce we will shortly be introducing Plus Pay by ParentMail.


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Biometrics - Cashless Catering Development


Cashless Catering Development.jpg


Our cashless catering system was introduced a number of years ago and is well embedded within school. The feedback we received about dinner cards are that they can very easily be lost and damaged. With this in mind, and in order to support students with receiving the most effective service in the dining hall, we have introduced alternative ways of registering the students. Moving to the bio-metric recognition system has proven to be effective and we hope all of our families will continue to support us in this development.


Some information about bio-metrics:


Bio-metrics authentication is the automatic recognition of a person’s characteristics i.e. fingerprint. There are many different bio-metric features that can be used for authentication purposes; at Rayner Stephens High School we use fingerprint recognition. Our system uses an image of the fingerprint to create a mathematical algorithm and then discards the fingerprint; only the numbers remain and these cannot be re-interpreted back into a fingerprint image.


Why do you need to take my child’s fingerprint? 

By taking an image of your child’s fingerprint we can turn this information into a digital signature which will give them automatic access to the catering service.


Will fingerprints be used by any other agency? 

No, the software we use turns your child’s fingerprint in to a mathematical algorithm. The image of the finger print is then discarded. The information that is stored cannot be used to recreate an image of the child’s fingerprint.


How does it work?

When your child places his/her finger on the scanner, the software matches their finger image with a unique digital signature held on the database. All data is kept confidential and safe and is deleted very easily once your child is no longer at the school.



All schools that have this system in place are required to obtain written parental consent for students who use biometric data as an automated recognition system. In order to obtain this permission, you will receive a letter when your child joins Rayner Stephens which will contain further details.  Should you have any queries regarding this well established system, please do contact the school office on 0161 338 2374. 


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Price list


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