The English Department


Strategic Leader of English = Mrs T Marshall




The English department consists of eight specialist teachers and one full time HLTA. We have six classrooms and a library which is maintained by specialist librarians, together with student volunteers. The department has a strong focus on students achieving their personal best whilst developing a love for language and literature through reading.


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Students in all year groups are working towards GCSE exams with the AQA exam board. These students will be assessed on the number grade 1-9 system. A spiral curriculum is in place, where students study the same units each year, but in increasing levels of detail. There is a strong focus on developing independent responses to texts and students will be assessed on their understanding at the end of each unit of learning.


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Students will complete a formal assessment at the end of each half term to assess their progress against all assessment objectives (reading and responding to texts, using textual references, analysis, accuracy of vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.).


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Home Learning


The expectation for home learning is that students will complete a minimum of one home learning activity per week. Students should be regularly reading independently in order to develop both their own writing ability and their analytical skills.


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Afterschool Sessions


An after school drop-in clinic is available for students who are struggling with any aspects of English. For Year 11, an exam focussed revision session is on Wednesday evenings.


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Enrichment Opportunities


Throughout the year a variety of enrichment opportunities take place. Competitions and special sessions will also take place throughout the course of the academic year linked to key events, such as World Book Day and National Poetry week.


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