Rewards and Sanctions


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Rayner Stephens rewards good behaviour, as we believe that this develops an ethos of professionalism and respect in and out of lessons. At Rayner Stephens we aspire to promote and acknowledge excellent behaviour rather than merely deter inappropriate behaviour that impacts on students learning and feeling of safety. Incentive schemes are in place to recognise attendance and achievements. Praise is the most common form of reward, either individually or as a group, in school or through communication with home, and school. 


We praise and reward students for appropriate behaviour, social skills and work throughout the school day in a variety of ways:

  • Verbal praise
  • Individual or group praise in assemblies
  • Postcards sent to parents/carers
  • Special privileges e.g fast track lunch pass
  • Weekly and Termly Awards
  • Subject Rewards
  • End of Term Trips
  • Headteacher Award