Dec 6, 2019, 11:09 AM
Dec 6, 2019, 11:09 AM
Nov 27, 2019, 10:31 AM
Nov 27, 2019, 8:58 AM
Year 7 Community Afternoon Tea
Jul 18, 2019, 9:54 AM
Jul 18, 2019, 9:54 AM
Jul 17, 2019, 8:45 AM
Jul 17, 2019, 8:42 AM
Jul 17, 2019, 8:30 AM
Jun 24, 2019, 7:40 AM
Jun 21, 2019, 9:53 AM
May 2, 2019, 9:55 AM
Apr 5, 2019, 1:52 PM
Mar 21, 2019, 7:35 AM
Mar 19, 2019, 11:02 AM
Mar 4, 2019, 2:58 PM
Mar 4, 2019, 9:11 AM
Feb 14, 2019, 10:00 AM
Year 8 learners at Rayner Stephens High School welcomed Valentine’s Day this year with a Healthy Hearts circuit training session.
Feb 6, 2019, 4:00 AM
This week (4-10 February 2019) is Children’s Mental Health Week. The Week was set up by the children’s mental health charity Place2Be to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. This year’s theme is Healthy: Inside and Out – we’re encouraging everyone to think about how they look after their bodies and minds.
Jan 17, 2019, 4:00 AM
Safer Internet Day 2019 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 5th February 2019 with the theme: Together for a better internet.
Nov 9, 2018, 4:00 AM
Student Council and Leaders requested we mark the armistice remembrance by holding a 2 minutes silence on Friday 9th November 2018.
Nov 7, 2018, 4:00 AM
GCSE Theatre Visit: ‘Shakers and Bouncers’ by John Godber at NK Theatre Arts at Romiley
Oct 23, 2018, 5:00 AM
GCSE Drama Workshop with Richard Goodwin from Clarendon College
Oct 17, 2018, 12:52 PM
On Friday 5th October all Year 11 learners across the trust had the opportunity to visit the Futures Roadshow. The learners from Rayner Stephens High School were invited to this annual and unique event that Longdendale High School has organised for a number of years.
Oct 17, 2018, 9:34 AM
Reflecting on an exciting open evening at Raynor Stephens High School where we welcomed prospective students and families. These students and families had the opportunity to speak to teachers and current pupils as well as see all the exciting new subjects they may be studying.
Jun 4, 2018, 7:08 AM
Rayner Stephens Manchester City Girls Champions
Mar 19, 2018, 5:34 AM
Drama department have had a fantastic few weeks, with a Theatre visit and their very own adaptation of "Blood Brothers"
Mar 15, 2018, 7:08 AM
Celebrating the past, present and future at the first ever Rayner Stephens’ Day
Mar 15, 2018, 7:08 AM
Dec 11, 2017, 5:09 AM
Charity leaders hosted a Christmas coffee morning in aid of local hospice Willow Wood
Oct 16, 2017, 7:30 AM
Rayner Stephens first ever Duke of Edinburgh expedition!!
Sep 14, 2017, 3:09 AM
As students across the borough returned to school on Thursday 7th September, following the summer break, there was a very special occasion taking place at Rayner Stephens to commemorate the official opening of our school.
Aug 24, 2017, 6:09 AM
The final students from Astley Sports College to sit their exams ensured that the school went out on a high with a strong set of GCSE results, and some exceptional individual performances.
Jun 27, 2017, 4:09 PM
Communicating with parents is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about activities, events and things that really matter is something we care about.