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Positive Steps - School Closure Information

To ensure young people have access to the best advice 'Success at School' have made the electronic versions of all 18 of the Career Subject Guides free for families and Learners  to access from home. Please click here to access them.

Positive Steps will be working hard to engage with young people and parents to continue to offer support career information and guidance. 

This includes:

  • Telephone and video conferencing where possible
  • Development of information videos for young people highlighting help and support available to young people
  • A duty system each day where advice and guidance can be accessed
  • Support for young people and families who need advice regarding  progression to Education, employment and training

Please contact Caroline Batty the school's Positive Steps Careers adviser using or Tameside Positive Steps on 0800 484 0407 or 0161 621 9292 in the first instance. Caroline will endeavour to support, with the priority being given to  Year 11 and Year 10.

Click here to view a help sheet on how to access support and guidance from Positive Steps now or in the future.

Careers Information

Inspiring IAG Banner.pngRayner Stephens High School is committed to providing high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance to every student. We have a sharp focus on careers and the guidance we offer is tailored to the needs of the individual student to promote self-awareness, decision making, employability skills, and independence whilst raising aspirations. It is differentiated and personalised to ensure progression through activities which are appropriate to students’ stages of career learning, planning and development. Students are entitled to CEIAG which meets professional standards of practice and which is person-centred, impartial and confidential.  Our aim is for all students to leave Rayner Stephens High School equipped with the skills and knowledge required to support their entry into further education or employment. All young people need a planned programme of activities to help them choose 14-19 pathways that are suitable for them and to be able to manage their careers and sustain employability throughout their lives.


Rayner Stephens High School is working towards the Quality in Careers Standard.

This is awarded by Inspiring IAG which is a Licensed Awarding Body for the national standard.


National Careers Service

Download an introduction to Careers from the National Careers Service from here.


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Careers Contacts


Miss Caroline Batty is the Careers Advisor from Positive Steps in school and is available for any career queries.  Caroline is in school all day Monday and Thursday mornings. The careers office is located on the upper N corridor by Drama, Music and Modern Foreign Languages.


Mrs Whittaker is the Lead Teacher for CEAIG at Rayner Stephens High School.



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Policy for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance


The Rayner Stephens High School CEIAG Policy can be found on the Policies page or directly downloaded here. We also have a Careers Provider Access Policy, again accessible from the Policies page, or directly downloaded here.


Positive Steps.

Positive Steps – Support and Guidance for Young People. For more information please read the leaflet here.


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Documents and Information


Please click on the links below to download and view the relevant information...


Careers Programme

Career Guidance

Moving on Report

Child Benefit

Parents - What you can do

School CV worksheet

Sector Skills Councils

Students - what can you do

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

RSHS Access Policy

Useful Links


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