At Rayner Stephens we truly value the formation of partnerships between home and school. One of the ways in which this can be best achieved is through homework activities.

Here at Rayner Stephens we look at homework as an opportunity to enrich the learning of our students and believe that is a valuable learning tool which also prepares our students for the demands that they may face later on in life.


Why Is Homework Important?


Homework is valuable for the following reasons:

  1. It can support children to make more rapid progress in learning.
  2. It promotes independent learning. This way of working is vital at the later stages of secondary education and will prepare them for the demands of independent revision.
  3. Work at home can provide the quiet and private conditions needed for creative and thoughtful work of all kinds.
  4. It can allow valuable practice of skills learned in the classroom.
  5. It can allow children to use materials and other sources of information or experiences that are not always available in the classroom.
  6. It can involve parents and others in the child’s work for their mutual benefit.
  7. It can give opportunities for long term research and other work.
  8. It can give pupils valuable experience of working to deadlines.


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How do we set Homework?

Each Department sets their own individual homework to support students in ensuring they make progress. The frequency of homework is dependent on the amount of curriculum time that a subject receives, a guide to subject homework frequency can be found with this link. The subject teachers in our school will support your son or daughter and will set appropriate homework deadlines.

We believe that learning can take place in many different forms and that homework does not always have to be a piece of writing. We like to offer variety and believe that offering a large range of homework tasks will enable your son or daughter to engage in their Homework Activities.

Here, at Rayner Stephens we recognise the different learning needs of our students and have catered for this when setting our homework.

All Homework in Key Stage 4 is designed to assist students in preparing for their final exams. This will take many forms including; research, revision, developing exam technique, and embedding new skills or new learning. The amount of homework given will vary depending on year group and subject, however students in Key Stage 4 should be completing between 1 and 2 hours per night.



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