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“We endeavour to achieve and aspire to be successful.”

Our vision is to be an outstanding school where the learners are given every opportunity to succeed by fulfilling their academic and vocational abilities, creative talents and sporting interests. As an Inclusive school where our challenging and diverse curriculum combines with an innovative approach to learning and teaching, alongside supportive pastoral care will, secure achievement and
success for all.



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On Friday 5th October all Year 11 learners across the trust had the opportunity to visit the Futures Roadshow. The learners from Rayner Stephens High School were invited to this annual and unique event that Longdendale High School has organised for a number of years.
Reflecting on an exciting open evening at Raynor Stephens High School where we welcomed prospective students and families. These students and families had the opportunity to speak to teachers and current pupils as well as see all the exciting new subjects they may be studying.


At Astley Sports Village we have a wide range of state of the art facilities to cater for all sizes of sports and events.

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