Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to school?

It would be useful for you to do a trial run with your family and make sure you're comfortable with the route before the start of term. If you will be travelling to school by bus you can apply for an igo card here 

Will I make new friends?

Making new friends is one of the most exciting parts of joining a new school. You will have lots of opportunities to interact with new people in your form group, at break, lunch and in extra curricular activities. The older learners are very friendly too!

What if I get lost around school?

When you attend our transition days in July, we will give you a tour of the school, you'll also get a reminder in September. You can always ask any of the older learners who will be happy to help you or a member of staff. Don’t worry – you’ll feel much more comfortable at finding your way around after a couple of weeks.

Do you get given rewards at school?

You will be able to download an app on your phone called ClassCharts, This will show you all the rewards you have been given by your different teachers, we'll show you how to use this in your first week in school. 

Will I get regular homework?

You will get homework from all different subjects, this will be shown on your ClassCharts app which you can access on your phone. If you struggle with any of your homework, make sure you speak to your teacher or your form tutor and they will help you. 

Can I bring my phone to school?

Yes, you can bring your phone to school but you must follow our rules. You can only use your phone at break and lunch time if you are outside in the yard, it cannot be used in the school building. If you you need to contact anybody in your family outside of this time, you can ask to use a school phone in the office. 

What time does school start and finish?

You must be in school by 8:35am, ready for form time to begin at 8:40am. Make sure you set your alarm clock as punctuality is very important. School finishes at 2:55pm unless you would like to attend an extra curricular club after school. 

How many lessons will I have each day?

You will have 5 lessons each day which are 1 hour long. You will have morning breaktime for 15 minutes and lunchtime for 30 minutes. 

What happens in Form Time?

Each morning you will have either assembly or form time from 8:40-9:10am, where you will do a range of different activities. You will have lots of opportunities to celebrate your successes in form time too. 

What is my school uniform / PE Kit?

All students in Year 7 to 11 are expected to wear full school uniform at all times. It is designed to be smart, comfortable and practical. Having a school uniform instils a sense of pride, avoids competitive dressing and helps to set the tone of the school. Uniform is a key aspect of creating a purposeful learning environment to allow students to work and realise their full potential.

When purchasing new shoes and other items please ensure that they conform to our uniform policy here. We are happy to advise you if you are unsure of any item of school clothing..

We also have a designated school PE Kit.  

I'm worried about bullying.

We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying. If you do experiencer or witness any bullying, please report it to a member of staff straight away and it will be dealt with. Any incidents of bullying will receive appropriate consequences. 


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