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If your child is absent, please ensure it is for a genuine illness or emergency only. Please phone the school’s attendance office to notify school of the absence explaining the reason and length of absence expected. The number is 0161 338 2374.

Attendance and Punctuality

Outstanding attendance is essential to the success of your child at Rayner Stephens High School. Learners should aim for 100% attendance, any unauthorised absence could be seen as a cause for concern and could lead to a Penalty Notice fine or even prosecution.

All learners must be in school for 8.40am when form time begins. At 8.40am the student entrance is locked and all arrivals will be marked as late. If a learner is late they will receive a 15min professional detention on the same day at breaktime. If a learner is persistently late this will be increased to a 1 hour afterschool detention. 

Learners who arrive to school after 9.15am will be marked as absent for the morning session. Repeated arrival to school after 9.15am will adversely affect your child’s attendance and could lead to a Penalty Notice fine.

Leave of Absence / Holidays

Leave of absence will not be authorised during term time except in extreme circumstances, school will not authorise any absence for the purpose of family holidays; Leave of absence request forms are available from the attendance office. Unauthorised absence of 20 consecutive school days may lead to your child being removed from role. Any unauthorised absence could lead to the issuing of a Penalty Notice fine or prosecution. 

Educational Welfare Officer

Our Education Welfare Officer may contact learners having issues with their attendance. Their role is to assist learners and families in overcoming any barriers that are stopping your child from attending school regularly. If a learner’s attendance does not improve to the required level after support has been put in place you risk prosecution for persistent absence.

Attendance Information Letters