Rayner Stephens High School is a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion

I am immensely proud to share with you the fantastic news that Rayner Stephens High School has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion. This highlights the key strengths that have been identified during a two-day IQM inspection, which applies a robust framework to judge the school's performance in this key area.

Since taking up the position of Headteacher, the school has been on a rapid journey of improvement.  The key focus of leaders within the school has been to improve the provision for our young people and the community that we serve to ensure that every learner who attends has the best opportunities to succeed.  We have worked tirelessly to achieve this and we are delighted by the progress we have made so far.

The Inclusion Quality Mark assessment is the first external report that has been published since the old school was closed and Rayner Stephens High School was opened in September 2017.  This independent report was written following an intensive two-day visit. It uses a tight framework to judge the quality of inclusion provision.  The Inclusion Quality Mark is a nationally recognised endorsement of the quality of inclusion provision and to be awarded the Centre of Excellence at this point is a significant milestone in measuring the improvement that has taken place.  The yearly improvements in the quality of teaching and learning and inclusion provision have led to increased achievement, raised aspirations, better learner engagement and more positive attitudes to learning.

This report is fantastic evidence of the hard work that everyone in our school with the support of the AspirePlus Educational Trust has contributed over the past few years. We have succeeded in improving the culture and experience of school for our learners. As Headteacher, I am particularly proud of the comments made about our young people and the staff that work with them - ‘During the visit the students were very well behaved, fully engaged in tasks and were a credit to themselves the school and their families and this was clearly seen with the students I met and talked with and during lessons and around the school’ IQM April 2019.

It is important that we share this report as widely as possible and we use it to showcase the fantastic things about our school.  This morning we have launched the IQM report with our learners through a whole school assembly celebrating our fantastic achievement. Together with this letter you will have a chance to read the details of the report more thoroughly within the parent booklet. The full report is also available to read on our website.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our families for your support for the school and the changes we have implemented over the last few years.  We recognise that change can sometimes be difficult, but it has been necessary.  Our parents as a group within our community have and continue to be extremely supportive in their partnership with Rayner Stephens High School and have been a significant factor in the journey of improvement. We still have much to do and we are fully focused on our drive to improve the school even further, but it is important to use the report to reflect on how far we have come. I trust that in reading the report you will be able to recognise and celebrate your part in the school that is being described as well as that of the learners and staff.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Davies
Head of School