“At Rayner Stephens we believe student leadership is at the core of student achievement. Learning is not something that is done to us, it is a collaborative process with adults and young people working in partnership. At Rayner Stephens we believe that the more engaged you are in your school the more likely you are to succeed.”

The Student Union has been launched as the rebranded and revamped student council. In the past, student voice and involvement has been about ‘own clothes day’ or ‘the toilet facilities’. At Rayner Stephens we want that to change. We want to have conversations about teaching and learning, classroom environments and the aspirations of all our students. We wann the Student Union to take an active role in supporting others learning and shaping the school.

Applications for Student Union have opened and closed on Monday 14th February.
Different Roles that could be applied for...
Seniors: (Year 10 Only) 
The Seniors will be…funnily enough the most senior in the Student Union charged with monitoring and facilitating the younger year groups.
The Seniors will be assigned to a particular subject area and will meet regularly with heads of departments e.g. Maths, Science.
They will help run clubs and collect feedback from other students about the lessons within that department.
Union Representatives (Y7-9) 
The Student Union Representatives are your representatives who are there to listen to what you want from schools and communicate this with the senior leaders and the head teacher.
As part of your role you will undertake a bespoke training programme designed by a local recruitment agency and delivered by their managing director.
We are looking for role models both in and out of school who are able to express their opinions and the opinions of others in a professional forum.
Platform (Y7-10)

‘A platform for inclusion’

The Platform Network is a new addition to school. And will be a group of selected students that will be equipped to become ‘inclusion activists’ and who should be confident and empowered to speak out about social justice issues within the school. This group of students will feel empowered to point out equality issues and will endeavour to make our school a more welcoming place for everyone.

Key areas of focus:

LGBTQ+ Pride Month and History Month

Black Lives Matter Events, Black History Month and BAME inclusion.


Coming Soon - Anti Bullying Ambassadors and ECO School Representatives. 


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