Welcome to Rayner Stephens High School.

We are a school at the heart of our community, with our school name honouring one of Dukinfield’s heroes. Our school is a warm and caring community for all students. We celebrate all of our students' achievements and believe strongly in providing an environment where all young people are able to thrive.

Joseph Rayner Stephens was a local 19th Century reformer and educationalist who fought and championed the rights of the working class in the Dukinfield area. He was a person of ideas, always guided by his deep and strongly held values, which as a school, is something we pride ourselves on.

We are an inclusive 11-16 school, part of the family of schools that make up the Stamford Park Trust. Our core purpose is to support learners of all abilities and backgrounds to develop high aspirations, believe in themselves and achieve their full potential. We expect all students to work hard and aim high in order to succeed academically and personally. We are proud of what our students achieve and are aware that we will only be successful if we can fully involve and work with our parents and carers.

We nurture and build ambition for our students, ensuring we develop curious minds and individual talents. Throughout school life we aim to create opportunities, broaden horizons and introduce challenges to support your child’s development.

Our whole school community has much to be proud of. We value our students as our greatest asset and encourage students leadership and student voice so they can be fully engaged in all aspects of the school.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and conduct at Rayner Stephens. Our expectations regarding behaviour and engagement are clear and consistent to ensure we have an effective and purposeful learning environment.

We recognise that students have different interests, dreams, abilities and needs and our school’s broad and flexible curriculum reflects this. Our staff are committed to ensure that students achieve their full potential regardless of their starting points. Our curriculum extends way beyond the classroom with our students having a wide range of opportunities for learning outside the classroom.

We look forward to working together with our students and families to ensure that they have a happy and successful journey through our school.

Mr M Davies



Executive Principal's Welcome

On behalf of the staff and students at Rayner Stephens High School (Stamford Park Trust) I would like to extend a warm welcome to our school.

Expectations of our students are high from the moment they arrive with us. We take pride in getting to know our students and their families, working in partnership to get the best possible academic results for our children, whilst providing them with a wealth of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities.

Belonging to a Trust of schools affords our students with a greater advantage, through shared staff expertise and the opportunity to compete in sporting and extra-curricular activities. We have developed an exciting Aspiration and Enrichment programme, working in partnership with Ashton Sixth form College, by working together as a group of schools, the students and staff across Stamford Park Trust have increased opportunities for everyone to develop and thrive.

There is a clear focus at Rayner Stephens on the importance of academic studies, which includes a particular focus on literacy and numeracy skills and developing independent students. Our expert teachers consistently provide opportunities for students to develop their minds and encourage their curiosity in the classroom. We are passionate about academic success and want our students to develop a passion for the subjects they learn.

It is also important our students have the opportunity to develop their talents and interests. We live in an incredibly culturally rich world and want our students to experience this richness. They can do so by learning a foreign language, learning to play an instrument, acting in the school production, debating or putting on a dance showcase. Pursuing interests and hobbies with other like-minded students and expressing their individuality is what gives our students the confidence to stride out into the world and make a difference.

Rayner Stephens High School benefits from a very successful sports programme which includes football, rugby, handball, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, rounders, softball, athletics and cricket amongst others. They have access to Astley Sports Village; Aston Sixth Form sporting Facilities and the Trust is a partnership school with Manchester City Football Club as part of the City Inspires project.

We are proud of the purposeful and inspiring learning environment in which we have created for our students.

As the Executive Principal, I am determined that this school, our staff and students continue to make a positive difference to the local community. It’s an exciting time to be part of our school and Stamford Park Trust. I look forward to meeting you all soon and working together to ensure we are a beacon of inspiration and success for our learners and our community.

Miss M Wicks

Executive Principal

Trust CEO

Rayner Stephens High School joined Stamford Park Trust, a Multi-Academy Trust established in 2019 by Ashton Sixth Form College, in January 2021. We are excited by the opportunities this relationship will bring for the students of Rayner Stephens as we begin to see the benefits of a holistic view of 11-18 education in Tameside. Students at the school will not only benefit from outstanding teaching and learning, and superb pastoral support, but they will also benefit from a close relationship with Ashton Sixth Form College. Students from year 7 to year 11 will be given access to unrivalled and unique opportunities to work with Ashton Sixth Form and its university partners to ensure that each and every student is encouraged to reach their potential and realise their ambitions.

We firmly believe that there is strength in partnership and collaboration. By working together, we aim to be greater than the sum of our parts. By choosing Rayner Stephens High School for your son or daughter, you are joining an exciting, progressive community with excellence for all at its heart.

Anton McGrath

Stamford Park TrustIQMTeacher Development Award